Fiat S76

Felice Nazzaro in S76 #1, 1912
Built in the winter of 1910/11 by Fiat to take on the Blitzen Benz, it featured a four cylinde 28.3 litre engine (190x250mm). Two of these cars were built. Number 1 was purchased by the Russian Prince Boris Soukhanov late 1911, but after the Russian revolution it went to Australia where it was fitted with a Stutz engine until it was crashed in 1924. Number 2 was retained by Fiat, but was scrapped in 1920, only the engine being kept.

In the early 2000's, Duncan Pittaway purchased the chassis for number 1 in Australia, and the engine for number 2, aiming to recreate number 1 during 2007. Note that number 1 had two inlet and two exhaust ports in its OHC engine, whereas number 2 had three inlet and four exhaust ports.