1925 Miscellaneous Rallies

IV Monte Carlo Rally
? 1925

 1     M.F.Repusseau                            Renault 40 HP

Notes: 48 entries, 32 finishers.

V Polish Rally
? 1925

 1     Charles Betague                          Austro-Daimler

Österreichische Alpenfahrt
20-28 June 1925

 1     Count Heinrich Schönfeldt		Steyr VII
 2     Rudolf Reinicke				Presto
 3     Walter Delmár				Steyr
 4     Baron Leo Haan				Steyr
       Baron Philipp Berckheim			Mercedes
 R     Count Ulrich Kinsky			Steyr

There were 41 starters, 17 finishers, and 4 who finished with no penalties.
The Team Prize was won by Steyr. The course was 2280 km long running from
Vienna to Munich, with hillclimbs at Katschberg and Tauernpass. Kinsky was fastest
on the Katschberg, Gruber on the Tauernpass. Berckheim was fastest in the two
speed tests on Neunkirchner Alee and Forstenrieder Park.

V Coppa della Alpi
8-15 August 1925

 1     Filippo Tassara				Bugatti 1500
       Felice Bianchi Anderloni			Peugeot			Won 1100cc class win

24 starters, 15 finishers. The course was 2962 km long.