1931 Miscellaneous Rallies

X Monte Carlo Rally
? January 1931

 1 128 Donald Healey                            Invicta 4.5L
						Armstrong Siddeley		John O'Groats

The Armstrong-Siddeley was awarded the Grand Prix d'Honneur and 1st prize for closed cars in
the Concours de Confort.

III Coupe Internationale des Alpes
30 July-6 August 1931

       Donald Healey				Invicta				 0 pts
       Walter Delmár				Mercedes			 0 pts
       Desiderius von Bitzy			Austro-Daimler Bergmeister	 0 pts
       Count Felix Spiegel-Diesenberg		Austro-Daimler ADR		 0 pts
       Philipp von Schoeller			Austro-Daimler ADR		 0 pts
       Humfrey E.Symons				Clément-Talbot			 0 pts
       E.A.H.Scholten				Lancia				 0 pts
       Carlo Adorno				OM				 0 pts
       R.Foligno				Alfa Romeo			 1 pt
       Hellmuth Butenuth			Hanomag				 4 pts
       Carl Pollich				Hanomag				 4 pts
       Frau Lilian Roehrs			Hanomag				 4 pts
       L.Peter					Fiat				 5 pts
       Alexander Graumüller			Wanderer			 6 pts
       Bernhard Bau				Wanderer			 8 pts
       Hans Hinterleitner			Wanderer			 8 pts
       W.F.Bradley				Armstrong Siddeley		 9 pts
       Dr Kunheim				Austro-Daimler			11 pts
       Dr Sprenger				Ford				11 pts
       Lord de Clifford				MG Midget			13 pts
       "A.B."					Standard Ensign			16 pts
       W.Sintenis				Ford				16 pts
       A.Hein					Austro-Daimler			16 pts
       Prince Liechtenstein			Steyr				16 pts
       Fraulein L.Graumuller			Wanderer			18 pts
       E.Kordewan				Stoewer				22 pts
       V.E.Leverett				Riley				22 pts
       Jaroslav Heussler			Praga				24 pts
       T.Georges				FN				26 pts
       St Pavlovsky				Praga				30 pts
       A.Ruhstrat				Wanderer			33 pts
       Anton Suldowsky				Praga				33 pts
       C.Charlier				FN				40 pts
       Princess Liechtenstein			Austro-Daimler			41 pts
       A.Frick					Praga				55 pts
       Dr Lettich				Fiat				57 pts
       L.von Raffay				Hanomag				59 pts
       E.Collignon				FN				60 pts
       H.Ferigo					Amilcar				64 pts
       Dr Krailsheim				Stoewer			       115 pts
       V.Kumpera				Walter			       125 pts
       G.F.Dennison				Riley			       145 pts
       A.G.Gripper				Riley			       255 pts
       A.Faure-Durif				Hotchkiss		       426 pts
 R     C.Riley					Riley
 R     J.Hobbs					Riley
 R     R.C.Porter				Riley
 R     Martin					Hillman
 R     R.V.D.Sullivan				MG Midget

72 entries, 62 starters, 44 classified finishers, 8 unpenalised cup winners. The course was over 
2364 km between Munich and Berne, with timed hillclimbs at Stelvio and the Col due Galibier. There 
were two team prizes awarded to Praga and Wanderer.