1935 Miscellaneous Rallies

XIV Monte Carlo Rally
? January 1935

 1     Ch.Lahaye/R.Quatresous                   Renault 5.5 litre	1073 pts	Stavanger
 2     J.C.Ridley				Triumph			1071 pts	Umea		Small Car
 5     J.W.Whalley				Ford			1070 pts	Stavanger
14     Dr M.T.Mishall				Singer					Umea		Small Car
17     F.S.Barnes				Singer					Stavanger	Small Car
23     R.Pelham Burn				Riley					Palermo		Small Car
24     Lord de Clifford				De Clifford-Lagonda			Umea		Small Car
25     Jack Hobbs				Riley					Umea		Small Car
31     S.C.H.Davis				Railton					Umea
34     O.Cathcart-Jones				Lagonda					Stavanger
40     Miss M.Allen				AC					Umea
42     H.B.Browning				Graham					Umea
44     A.C.Scott				Bentley					Umea
50     Miss J.Astbury				Singer					John O'Groats	Small Car
       B.N.Wilmot/D.E.Calder			Rover					Stavanger	Small Car
       D.E.Harris				Singer					John O'Groats	Small Car
       Mrs M.J.Cotton				MG					John O'Groats	Small Car
       E.A.Denny				Riley					John O'Groats	Small Car
       W.P.Maidens/Dr A.S.Wilson		Riley					John O'Groats	Small Car
       R.J.Morton				Morris					John O'Groats	Small Car
       W.Harney/F.A.Evans			Austin					John O'Groats	Small Car
       E.Denyil-Lee/C.I.Lewin			MG					John O'Groats	Small Car
       Miss M.Anderson				Riley					John O'Groats	Small Car
       T.C.Griffiths				Riley					Umea		Small Car
       H.E.Symons				MG					Umea		Small Car
       L.Pascoe					Talbot
       S.H.Light				SS
       Mrs E.M.Wisdom				Chrysler
       Hon.B.Lewis				SS
       M.Sontag					Ford
       Mde Lamberjack									Palermo		1st Ladies Cup

Notes: 165 entries, 149 starters, 102 finishers

The Riviera Cup was awarded to the winner of the Small Car Class. Miss J.Astbury won the
Royal Scottish Automobile Club and Thistle Cups, J.C.Ridley won the Public Schools'
Challenge Trophy and the Barclay's Bank Challenge Cup. The Rene Leon Challange Cup was
won by J.W.Whalley, the Le Journal Challenge Cup was won by M.Sontag.

4th RAC Rally
27-29 March 1935

Group 1 - 8 hp, Open cars
       E.H.Banfield				MG Midget		1st class
       L.K.Calver				Austin			1st class
       H.Friend					Junior MG		1st class
       T.C.Wise					MG			1st class
       H.W.Poultney				MG			1st class
       A.W.F.Smith				MG Midget		1st class
       C.A.Richardson				MG			1st class
There were 25 cars in this group. 8 received 2nd class awards, 2x3rd class, 6 failed to qualify

Group 2 - Up to 8 hp, closed cars
       H.C.Dryden				Ford			1st class
       F.A.Bullock				Ford			1st class
There were 5 cars in this group. 2 received 2nd class awards, 1 a 3rd class award.

Group 3 - Open cars between 8 and 14 hp
       Miss J.Astbury				Singer			1st class
       G.G.White				Aston-Martin		1st class
       C.W.Anthony				Aston-Martin		1st class
       G.Gaspar					Vale Special		1st class
       G.H.Harrington				MG Magnette		1st class
       Miss D.B.M.Evans				MG Magnette		1st class
       H.Parkinson				MG Magnette		1st class
       J.R.Edwards				Singer			1st class
       A.G.Imhof				Singer			1st class
       S.C.H.Davis				Triumph			1st class
       T.B.Hague				Aston-Martin		1st class
       C.A.Hall					Singer			1st class
       J.M.Archer				Riley			1st class
       F.S.Barnes				Singer			1st class
       B.W.Murrell				Standard		1st class
       G.L.Boughton				Triumph			1st class
       J.H.Kemsley				Riley			1st class
       J.Easton Gibson				Singer			1st class
       H.S.Hollings				Wolseley Special	1st class
       C.W.Moss					Singer			1st class
       K.G.Marsh				Triumph			1st class
       E.Griffith Hughes			Frazer-Nash		1st class
       A.P.Watson				Singer			1st class
There were 72 cars in this group.

Group 4 - Closed cars between 8 and 14 ho
       E.Smith					Singer			1st class
       W.G.D.Stanton				Armstrong-Siddeley	1st class
       C.J.Turner				Wolseley Hornet		1st class
       G.J.Redgrove				Rover			1st class
       W.C.N.Norton				Salmson			1st class
       A.C.Hess					Salmson			1st class
       S.M.Lawry				Triumph			1st class
       J.N.Marsden				Triumph			1st class
       G.W.Olive				Standard		1st class
       Miss M.Jennings				Rover			1st class
       L.W.Cutler				Triumph Gloria		1st class
       C.L.Bembridge				Riley			1st class
       Lord Waleran				Ford			1st class
       A.J.Blake				Crossley		1st class
       R.A.Icknell				Singer			1st class
       A.H.Langley				Singer			1st class
       G.P.Law					Riley			1st class
       A.H.Oxenkord				Standard		1st class
       O.H.Burden				Rover			1st class
       C.H.Foss					Rover			1st class
       V.L.Parry				SS II			1st class
       Miss I.M.Burton				Vauxhall		1st class
       W.J.Shakespeare				Austin			1st class
       Mrs T.Wisdom				SS II			1st class
       C.W.P.Hampton				Lancia			1st class
       J.McEvoy					Ford			1st class
       C.E.Stothert				Fiat			1st class
       C.M.B.Kite				Wolseley Hornet		1st class
       Mrs E.E.Lambert				Riley			1st class
       S.J.Jones				Morris			1st class
       Cpt. D.Fitzmaurice			Airstream Singer	1st class
       J.W.Whalley				Ford			1st class
       M.Stockbridge				Triumph Gloria		1st class
There were 98 cars in this group. 25 received 2nd class awards, 18 3rd class awards.

Group 5 - Open cars between 14 and 20 hp
       W.G.V.Vaughan				SS I			1st class
       D.G.Silcock				Lagonda			1st class
       M.A.McEvoy				Alvis			1st class
       K.W.B.Sanderson				Alvis			1st class
       J.Flint					Alfa Romeo		1st class
       D.Munroe					Invicta			1st class
       S.H.Newsom				SS I			1st class
       A.D.G.Clease				SS I			1st class
       G.Hartwell				Alvis			1st class
       C.Dodd					Alvis			1st class
There were 31 cars in this group. None received a 2nd class award.

Group 6 - Closed cars between 14 and 20 hp
       G.Ross					Rover			1st class
       A.C.Dunton				Standard		1st class
       A.H.G.Hooper				SS I			1st class
       Dr C.H.Smith				Morris Oxford		1st class
       R.D.Hunnam				SS I			1st class
       H.C.Berry				Armstrong-Siddeley	1st class
       G.W.Olive				SS I			1st class
       J.L.Sears				Alvis			1st class
       F.G.McKim				Citroen			1st class
       R.B.Eddleston				Alvis			1st class
       G.E.Coppen				Alvis			1st class
There were 33 cars in this group.

Group 7 - Open cars over 20 hp
       A.E.Dobell				Lagonda			1st class
       W.H.Thomson				Railton			1st class
       G.H.Crossley				Bentley			1st class
       Miss E.V.Watson				Bentley			1st class
       T.C.Mann					Lagonda			1st class
There were 4 2nd class awards and 2 3rd class awards in this group.

Group 8 - Closed cars over 20 hp
       K.Hutchison				Ford			1st class
       J.J.Hollingsworth			Ford			1st class
       H.N.Holder				Bentley			1st class
       A.G.Grimmond				Railton			1st class
       A.J.Stott				Bentley			1st class
       J.Kingston				Whittaker-Railton	1st class
       C.Mann					Ford			1st class
       S.E.Sears				Bentley			1st class
       F.C.Ashby				Ford			1st class
       A.E.Ansell				Chevrolet		1st class
       R.G.Percival				Ford			1st class
There were 11 2nd class awards and 2 3rd class awards in this group.

Others (unknown group)
       Mrs S.H.Richards				Standard
       A.H.Odenford				Standard
       R.T.Grantham				Rover
       H.E.Gibbon				Rover
       W.P.Maidens				Rover
       H.L.Gill					SS I
       H.L.W.Dry				Rover
       Mrs G.Daniell				AC Ace
       Col.A.H.Loughborough			Rover
       Maj.C.White				Daimler
       L.Prideaux-Brune				Aston-Martin
       W.E.C.Watkinson				Alvis
       J.Margerison				Sunbeam
       Cpt.C.C.Oxborrow				Bentley
       W.M.Park					Rolls-Royce
       J.Barclay				Bentley

There were 308 entries, with start cities being Buxton (29 cars), Edinburgh (22), Harrogate (19),
Leamington (77), Liverpool (10), London (100), Torquay (33), Yarmouth (18). The destination
town was Eastbourne. 28 competitors did not start, 36 failed to arrive at Eastbourne.

13th Critérium Paris-Nice
13-18 April 1935

 1  68 Gaston Descollas/Claire Descollas	Bugatti T57		1553 pts
 2  78 Jean Trévoux				Hotchkiss		1589 pts
 3  31 Pouderoux				Citroën			1607 pts
 4  64 Lucy Schell				Delahaye		1655 pts
 5  62 Norbert Jean Mahé			Bugatti

Consisted of the following events:
13th April - Paris-Marseille
14th April - Speed events in Marseille
15th April - Marseille-Nice
18th April - La Turbie Hillclimb

2nd Moroccan Rally
? May 1935

 1     Jean Trévoux/Lesurque			Bugatti 3 litres	  0 pts
 2     Lahaye/Quatresous			Renault			  0 pts
 3     Dreier					Alfa Romeo		  3.5 pts
 4     Ph. de Massa				Talbot			 11.5 pts
 5     P.Bon/M.de Wit				Ford			 13.5 pts
 6     Ambaud					Ford			 14.0 pts
 7     Frontignac				Ford			 14.5 pts
 8     Cayla					Ford			 15.0 pts
 9     De Bremond				Ford			 16.0 pts
10     Hansberger				Ford			 17.5 pts
11     Schweider				Adler			 33.0 pts
12     Legre					Panhard			 43.0 pts
13     Da Silva					Steyr			 54.0 pts
14     Max Lampel				Renault			102.0 pts
15     Lamberjack				Baurer			740.0 pts

Österreichische Höhenstraßenfahrt
29-30 June 1935

Course went from Vienna to Semmering. There were 17 starters, 14 classified finishers, and
9 unpenalised finishers. There was no general classification, and no Alpine Cups offered.

V Rallye des Alpes Françaises
13-15 July 1935

       Gaston Descollas				Bugatti			Coeff >200 class winner
       Albert Perrot				Delahaye		Coeff up to 200 class winner
       Charles Roch				Amilcar			Coeff up to 100 class winner
       Reybert					Renault			Coeff up to 60 class winner
       Maurice Pupil				Fiat			Coeff up to 30 class winner

Route was 969 km.

VII Coupe Internationales des Alpes
5-9 August 1935

Cancelled. Italy was preparing for the Abyssinian War, and was threatened with sanctions
by the League of Nations. Nazi Germany was short of foreign currency, and blocked the transfer
of all German entry fees. Hence the Automobile Club de France cancelled the event.