1946 Miscellaneous Rallies

IX Rallye des Alpes Françaises
12th-15th July 1946

      Robert Manzon			Simca 8			100 pts	1100cc class winner 
      Betty Haig			AC				2000cc class winner/Coupe des Dames
      R.Huguet				Hotchkiss 20CV			unlimited class winner
      Maurice Gatsonides		Gatford
      Bléin				Hotchkiss
      Dr Marc Angelvin/Nicole Angelvin	Simca 5
 R    Daligand				Bugatti

Rally followed a 1050 km route starting in Annecy and finishing in Marseilles. There were 37
starters, 11 finishers, but all of them were penalised. Daligand achieved the fastest time in 
the standing start km of 34.2s. Fiat won the team prize.