Soviet Formula 2

Words by Alexey Rogachev

The Central Automotoclub of the USSR (CAMK) became a member of FIA in October 1956. The leaders of CAMK visited some international races, including British F1 GP, and, after seeing all this racing by their own eyes, they decided to ginger up the Soviet motorsport. In order to do this, in 1959 they introduced an international classification of racing cars in the USSR. F2 was one of these classes, demanding to use 750 cc engines. However, F2 cars were absent in the 1960 Soviet motorsport championship which was held according to the new classification for the first time that year. The reason was that there was no stock engine which had suitable capacity, and special racing engines were not built in the USSR in 1960s. Thus 750 cc F2 was presented in Soviet autosport championships in 1962 only. Two years later, new F2 technical regulations were introduced - maximum engine capacity 1000 cc, minimal weight 420 kg. But it didn't lead to any results, too, as well as new F2 introduced in 1966 (1600 cc, 420 kg). F2 appeared full-time at Soviet tracks in 1971 only, and F2 series were included in Soviet motorsport championships until 1977.


(max 750 cc)

1Yu. Vishnyakov (Moscow)n/a21
2M. Kovalev (Leningrad)n/a1?
3L. Gordon (Leningrad)n/a?2

Points system: not available
Rnd 1 Kaunas (5/8), Rnd 2 Leningrad (12/8)


(max 1600 cc)

PosDriverCar/EngineRnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3
1V. Grekov (Krasnodar)n/a21-
2E. Mechkovski (Krasnodar)n/a14-
3V. Povarov (Donetsk)n/a52-
4J. Reintam (Tallinn)n/a-51
5A. Klavins (Riga)n/a-35
6A. Sebeikin (Leiningrad)n/a3--

Points system: not available
Rnd 1 Minsk (4/6-6/6), Rnd 2 Riga (20/8-22/8), Rnd 3 Tallinn (27/8-29/8)


(max 1600 cc)

PosDriverCar/EngineRnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3
1M. Laiv (Tallinn)Estonia-16M Moskvich111
2V. Povarov (Donetsk)Estonia-16M Moskvich224
3V. Glurdzhidze (Tbilisi)Estonia-16M Moskvich666

Points system: not available
Rnd 1 Minsk, Rnd 2 Riga, Rnd 3 Tallinn


(max 1600 cc, min 420 kg)

1V. Grekov (Krasnodar)n/a
2M. Lvov (Leningrad)n/a
3M. Laiv (Tallinn)n/a
4R. Valatkavicius (Kaunas)n/a
5H. Toomas (Riga)n/a
6J. Gabalins (Riga)n/a

Points system: not available
Rounds: not available


Pos.DriverCar/EngineRnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Rnd 4
1M. Laiv (Tallinn)Estonia-16M Lada1132
2M. Lvov (Leningrad)Estonia-16M Moskvich5411
3J. Reintam (Tallinn)Estonia-16M Lada222-
4A. Filippovich (Krasnodar)Estonia-16M Wartburg11355
6N. Bakhankov (Kiev)Estonia-16M Moskvich4589

Points system: not available
Rnds 1 & 2 Minsk, Rnds 3 & 4 Riga