Aaltonen, Rauno (SF)

b 17/1/1938 (Turku)

An accomplished sportsman who began his motoring career as a motorbike rider (road racing, motocross and speedway) and also was a national powerboat ace. In the non-motoring sports, he performed well in sailing and skiing.
Aaltonen came to automobile racing through rallying in 1956 with Mercedes and Saabs, but continued at the same time his motorbike career (1958 Finland Champion) and also had a brief single seater try. Went on to become on of the greatest and most versatile Finnish drivers ever. Has been a factory driver for Mercedes, BMC (1962-67 his greatest years), Ford, Lancia, Datsun, FIAT, BMW and Opel and shone on the roads and tracks of the world. Probably the greatest Mini driver of all-time (41 factory outings resulted in 8 overall victories and 14 class victories), he was deeply involved with the development of this car.
Fell in love with Africa during the East African Safari Rallyes, an event he never won despite coming close numerous times (five times second in 21 starts !). Wrote a book called Revolution Behind The Wheel in the 1970s.

1958 – Finnish Motorbike Champion (JAP 350cc). Spa 24 Hrs (BMW): 2nd, with Hubert Hahne. F.Junior (Elva-DKW) 
1961 – Finnish Rally Champion. Won 1000 Lakes and Poland, 2nd German, 4th Liège-Rome-Liège (Mercedes 220SE) 
1962 – 5th RAC
1963 – 2nd Alpine, 3rd Monte Carlo and 1000 Lakes (Mini Cooper S). DNF Tour de France Automobile with Tony Ambrose.
1964 - Won Liege-Sofia-Liege Rally (Austin Healey 3000) with Ambrose, 3rd 1000 Lakes and 4th Alpine (Mini Cooper S). DNF Tour de France Automobile with Ambrose. 
1965 – European Rally Champion. Won Geneva, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Munich-Vienna-Budapest and RAC, 2nd 1000 Lakes (Mini Cooper S). 15th Targa Florio, 15th Sebring 12 Hours and DNF 24 Heures du Mans (Austin-Healey Sebring Sprite) with Clive Baker. 6th + 1st GT1300cc Bridgehampton 500km (MG Midget).
1966 – Won Tulip and Czechoslovakia, 3rd Alpine and 1000 Lakes, 4th RAC (Mini Cooper S). Won Bathurst 500 race (Mini Cooper S) with Bob Holden. 20th Targa Florio and 29th Sebring 12 Hours (Austin-Healey Sprite) with Clive Baker. 
1967 – Won Monte Carlo, 3rd Sweden and Tulip (Mini Cooper S). Help set seven World Records at Monza with a BMC 1800. Seven days and seven nights of non-stop driving with his team mates of the great BMC team : Clive Baker, Tony Fall, Alec Poole, Roger Enever and Julien Vernaeve. 15,589 miles at 92.80 mph were completed. 13th Sebring 12 Hours and DNF Targa Florio (Austin-Healey Sprite) with Clive Baker.
1968 – 2nd Corsica, 3rd Monte Carlo, 5th Acropole (Lancia Fulvia HF). DNF Targa Florio (Austin-Healey Sprite) with Clive Baker.
1969 – 2nd San Remo Rally (Lancia Fulvia HF). 9th Targa Florio and 27th + 1st Pr1600cc Nürburgring 1000km with Sandro Munari (Lancia Fulvia HF).
1970 – 3rd World Cup Rally London-Mexico (car ?). 7th RAC (Datsun 240Z)
1971 – 2nd East African Safari, 5th Monte Carlo, 19th RAC (Datsun 240Z)
1972 – 3rd Monte Carlo with one of the top co-drivers of the era : Jean Todt ! 2nd Australia, 6th East African Safari (Datsun 240Z)
1973 – 2nd Acropolis (FIAT 124 Abarth), 6th Monte Carlo (Datsun 240Z)
1977 – 2nd East African Safari (Datsun Violet)
1978 – 3rd East African Safari (Datsun Violet 160J)
1979 – 5th East African Safari (Datsun Violet 160J)
1980 – 2nd East African Safari (Datsun)
1981 – 2nd East African Safari (Datsun)
1984 – 2nd East African Safari (Opal Manta 400)
1985 – 4th East African Safari (Opel Manta 400)
1991 - 20th Bathurst 1000 (Toyota Corolla) with Bob Holden.
After 1986 regularly competed in vintage events for rally cars, mostly in Germany.

Abadie, Simon (F)

b 9/03/1978 (Lourdes)

Young driver from the Southwest of France. Started BMX races at the age of 4. Became one of the good French kartmen (twice winner of the prestigious Trophée Laborde, and went on to decent results in the European and World Championships). Created his own team on the 7th January 2000 in Toulouse : Tech1 Racing, with the help of young engineer Jean-François “Jeff” Levere.

1995 - 6th European ICA Karting Championship. Won Trophée International J.P. Laborde.
1996 - 6th World Formula A Karting Championship. Won Endurance race of the Monaco Kart Cup. Won his second consecutive Trophée International Jean-Philippe Laborde.
1997 - 6th French Formula A Karting Championship.
1998 - Partial French F.Renault season (TCS Racing). Best Rookie in the standings (non-official)
1999 - 6th French F.Renault (factory Mygale) : 4 podiums
2000 - French F.Renault (Tech1 Racing): 2nd, 77 pts, 7 podiums in 9 starts.
2001 - French F3 (Martini Mk79-Opel / Graff n°12) : 10th , 55 pts. Still managing Tech1 Racing in French junior formulae.
2002 - French F3 (Saulnier Racing Dallara-Renault F302): 4th, 120 pts/

Abate, Carlo (I)

b 10/7/1932 (Turin)

1959 - Won Mille Miglia (Ferrari), with G.Balzarini
1963 - Won Targa Florio (Porsche RS62), with J.Bonnier

One of the best Ferrari 250 GTO specialists. Raced mostly for the private Italian team Scuderia Serenissima of Count Volpi, but also for Scuderia Centro Sud, Scuderia Ferrari and the Porsche AG factory team. Retired from the sport at the end of the 1963 season (his greatest year, culminating with a win at the Targa Florio on a factory Porsche, ironically one of his rare non-Italian car outings) to become the director of a clinic.

1955 - first automobile race, the Sestrieres Rally (FIAT 1100)
1957 - Italian GT 1300cc Champion, 33rd Mille Miglia (Alfa Romeo Giulietta SV).
1958 - Italian Hillclimb Champion, 9th Targa Florio (Alfa Romeo Giulietta SV) with Gianni Balzarini.
1959 - Italian GT Champion, Won Mille Miglia with Balzarini, 2nd Coppa Inter Europa Monza, 5th Tour de France Automobile with Balzarini, 5th + 1st GT Trento Bondone Hillclimb (Ferrari 250GT)
1960 - Won Coppa Inter-Europa Monza 3 Hours, 8th Sebring 12 Hours with Scarlatti and Serena, 8th Nürburgring 1000km with Colin Davis, 6th + 1st GT Mont Ventoux Hillclimb (Ferrari 250GT Serenissima). 2nd Freiburg Hillclimb (Maserati T60). 6th European Hillclimb Championship with 8 pts.
1961 - Won Nürburgring 500km (FIAT-Abarth 1000 Serenissima), 4th Nürburgring 1000km and 5th Paris-Montlhéry 1000km with Colin Davis (Ferrari 250GT Serenissima), Won Hockenheim Rhein Cup, 2nd Charade (Ferrari), 7th Pontedecimo Hillclimb (250GT)
1962 - Won Trophée d’Auvergne at Charade (Ferrari 250GTO Serenissima). 3rd GP Mediterraneo Enna F1, 4th Naples GP F1 (Porsche 718). DNF Reims GP F1 (Lotus 18/21-Climax)
1963 - Won Targa Florio (Porsche 718GTR) with Jo Bonnier. 2nd Tour de France Automobile (250GTO Serenissima) with Lucien Bianchi, 3rd Nürburgring 1000km (Ferrari 250TRI/61 Serenissima) with Umberto Maglio, 3rd + 1st GT3000cc Trophée d’Auvergne at Charade (250GTO Abate), 5th Sebring 12 Hours with Juan-Manuel Bordeu (250GTO Centro-Sud), 5th + 1st GT3000cc Ollon Villars Hillclimb (250GTO Serenissima), 11th + 1st GT3000cc Freiburg Hillclimb (250GTO Abate), 1st GP de Reims GT (250GTO Serenissima). 3rd GP Syracuse F1, 5th Imola GP F1 (Cooper T51-Maserati).

Abt, Christian (D)

b 8/05/1967 (Kempten)

1983 - German Motocross 50cc Champion.
1984 - ADAC Karting School.
1986 - South Region German Motocross 125cc Champion.
1987 - South Region German Motocross 125cc Champion.
1988 - South Region German Motocross 125cc Champion.
1990 - Won ADAC Rennsportschule scholarship.
1991 - German BMW ADAC F.Junior Champion.
1992 - German F3 “B“ Class Champion (Abt Motorsport Ralt RT35 VW) : 18 “B” wins in 26 races. 13th overall German F3 with 38 pts: 2nd Wunstorf, 5th Singen.
1993 - 7th German F3 (Abt ADAC Junior Team Dallara 393 Opel) with 85 pts : 3rd Hockenheim and Nürburgring. 10th Fuji Inter F3 Challenge Cup. 1st Hockenheim 100 Miles F3 race.
1994 - 8th German F3 (Abt Motorsport Dallara 394 Opel) with 66 pts : 4th Singen, 3x5th. 8th German ADAC GT Cup (Abt Motorsport Audi C5): 3rd Spa, 5th Zolder and Salzburgring. 3rd Hockenheim 100 Miles F3 race.
1995 - 15th German F3 (Abt Motorsport Dallara 395 Opel) with 19pts : 2x5th Singen. 15th ADAC GT Cup (Abt Motorsport Audi C5) : 3rd Salzburgring. 24 Hours of Spa (Audi 80 Competition).
1996 - 4th German Touring Car STW Cup (Abt Sportsline Audi A4 Quattro) with 406 pts : 2nd Zodler and Sachsenring. Won the Privateers Cup. Rookie of the Year. 2nd South African Rainbow Cup (Audi A4 Quattro) with 22 pts : 2nd Kyalami and 2xKillarney, 3rd Kyalami.
1997 - 13th German Touring Car STW Cup (Abt Sportsline Audi A4 Quattro) with 223 pts :4th and 5th Zolder. 2nd Privateers Cup. 2nd 24 Hours of Nürburgring (VolksWagen Golf TDi).
1998 – 12th German Touring Car DSTWM (Abt Sportsline Audi A4 Quattro) with 267 pts : 4th Norisring and Salzburgring.
1999 - German Touring Car DSTWM Champion (Abt Sportsline Audi A4 Quattro) with 584 pts : 5 wins (2xSachsenring, 2xZweibrücken, Misano). 3rd in Class at the Nürburgring 24 Hours (Abt Audi A4 Erdgas). DNF Le Mans 24 Hours with Stefan Johansson and Stéphane Ortelli (Audi Sport UK Audi R8C).
2000 - 19th DTM (Abt Sportsline Audi TT-R 2000) with 1 pt : 10th Oschersleben. 3rd Le Mans 24 Hours with Michele Alboreto and Rinaldo Capello (Audi Sport Team Joest Audi R8R/2000). DNF Nürburgring 24 Hours (Audi A4 Quattro Erdgas).
2001 - 10th DTM (Abt Audi TT-R 2001) with 29 pts : 2nd Zandvoort (also won the Zandvoort qualifying race and was twice 3rd at the Sachsenring and Nürburgring qualifying races). DNF Nürburgring 24 Hours (Porsche).
2002 - DTM (Abt Audi TT-R): 7th, 15 pts
2004 - DTM (Abt Sportsline Audi A4): 16th 1 pt

Abt, Johann (D)


Former DKW and Abarth factory driver during the 60s and 70s, who won more than 300 races all over Europe. Founder of Abt Tuning (named Abt Sportsline since 1991). Father of F3 and DTM driver Christian.

1952 - First win in a hillclimb in Germany.
1963 - 72th & 5th Tour850 Rossfeld Hillclimb (DKW Junior).
1964 -Austrian Touring Car Champion. Austrian Hillclimb Champion. 48th & 2nd Tour1000 Rossfeld Hillclimb (DKW Junior).
1965 - 55th & 6th Tour1000 Rossfeld Hillclimb (DKW F11).
1966 - European Touring Car (Abarth 1000TC) : 5th Aspern.
1970 - 4th O/A, class Champion European Touring Car (Abarth Corse Abarth 1000 TCR) with 31 pts : 4 wins in Division 1 : Salzburg, Budapest, Nürburgring and Zandvoort.
1975 – Won “Tour de l’Avenir”.

Acker, Charles van (USA)

b (Brussels, Belgium) - d 31/5/1998

1947 - Indycar: Won Milwaukee Race 2

Competed in the Indy 500 three times, finishing 29th in 1947, 11th in 1948, and 31st in 1949, failing to qualify in 1946 and 1950. He took part in many dirt-track races in the mid-west, and was reportedly killed in a pile-up at Dayton, Ohio - he soon claimed afterwards that "reports of my death are exaggerated". He lived in South Bend, Indiana, and part-owned a Midget speedway.

Adamowicz, Tony (USA)

b 2/5/1941 (Torrence, California)

1969 - North American F5000 (Formula A) Champion

Ader, Walt (USA)

b 15/12/1913 (Califon, New Jersey) - d 25/11/1982

1936 - Begins his racing career
1946 - AAA, 1 race, 0 pts
1947 - AAA, 7 races, 1 win (Atlanta), 13th overall, 380 pts
1948 - AAA, 1 race, 0 pts
1950 - AAA, 1 race, 0 pts

Agabashian, Fred (USA)

b 21/8/1913 (Modesto, California) - d 13/10/1989 (Alamo, California)

1931 - Begins racing career with cinder track racing
1947 - AAA, 1 race, 23rd overall, 200 pts
1948 - AAA, 1 race, 0 pts
1949 - AAA, 2 races, 1 win (Sacramento), 24th overall, 200 pts
1950 - AAA, 9 races, 14th overall, 532.5 pts
1951 - AAA, 6 races, 25th overall, 278.2 pts
1952 - AAA, 2 races, 1 pole, 33rd overall, 80 pts
1953 - AAA, 1 race, 19th overall, 315 pts
1954 - AAA, 2 races, 14th overall, 460 pts
1955 - AAA, 1 race, 0 pts
1956 - USAC, 1 race, 31st overall, 50 pts
1957 - USAC, 2 races, 0 pts

Agland, Nick (AUS)

b 7/09/1977

An Electrician by training.

1997 - Oceania Formula A Karting Champion. Queensland Formula A Karting Champion.
1999 - 2nd New South Wales FF1600 Championship
2000 - Australian FF1600 (Spectrum 05), J4th, 132 pts. 1 Win (Eastern Creek) 
2001 - Australian FF1600 (Action Motorsport Spectrum 05), 5th, 108 pts 1 win (Sandown)
            Rd1-2, 25/03 Philip Island : 19th & 12th
            Rd3-4, 29/04 Eastern Creek : 4th & 4th
            Rd5-6, 24/06 Wanneroo : 6th & 14th
            Rd7-8, 15/07 Calder Park : DNF & DNF
            Rd9-10, 29/07 Oran Park : 4th & 5th
            Rd11-12, 12/08 Mallala : 4th & 6th
            Rd13-14, 26/08 Queensland : 3rd & 12th
            Rd15-16, 2/12 Sandown Park : 1st & race cancelled due to rain

Agostini, Giacomo (I)

b 16/3/1942 (Brescia)

Between 1961 and 1977, Agostini won 15 World Motorcycle championships, including seven back-to-back 500cc titles and seven back-to-back 350cc titles while riding for MV Agusta. He won 122 motorcycle grands prix in total. He started seriously car racing in 1978, entering a Chevron-BMW B42 at the Easter Thruxton International F2 race, finishing last. However, he then purchased an F1 Williams FW06, which he entered in the 1979 and 1980 Aurora AFX series, finishing 8th in 1979.

Aguas, Rui (P)

b 29/02/1972 (Mozambique)

1990 - Won Inter A World Karting Federation Cup. Portugal Inter A Karting Champion.
1993 - British F.Ford (Van Diemen RF93 Zagk): 4th, 121 pts. 
1994 - British F.Renault (Swift SC94R): 2nd, 168 pts, Rookie of the Year. First F3 race during the last German F3 Championship meeting at Hockenheim (G+M Motorsport Dallara F394 Opel) : 28th & Dsq Hockenheim.
1995 - German F3 (G+M Motorsport Dallara F395 Opel): 8th, 61 pts : 2nd Hockenheim, 4th AvUS and Singen.
1996 - German F3 (Dallara F396 Opel / KMS Motorsport, but also drove a RSM Marko Dallara F395 ALFA and a Tokmakidis F395 Opel): 6th, 87 pts : 1 win (Norisring). 4th Monaco F3 Grand Prix (Tokmakidis Dallara F395 Opel). Won a round of the Austrian F3 Championship at Salzburgring (Tokmakidis F395 Opel).
1997 - F3000 (Nordic Racing): 10th, 7 pts: 4th Zetlweg, 5th Helsinki & Jerez.
1998 - F3000 (partial season with Autosport and Coloni): 7th Monaco.
1999 - F.Nissan (Venturini Racing): 5th, 115 pts (2nd Jarama and 2xJerez)
2000 - F.Nissan (Venturini Racing): 3rd, 160 pts, 2 wins (Catalunya & Magny-Cours)
2001 - European Renault Clio Trophy V6: 6th, 70 pts, 1 win (Assen).

Aïello, Laurent (F)

b 23/05/1969 (Fontenay-aux-Roses)

1981 - Karting debut.
1982 - Paris Region Karting Champion.
1983 - French Karting Cadets Champion.
1984 - French Karting Nationale 1 Champion.
1985 - Karting World Championships (at Le Mans): 5th. French Karting Champion.
1986 - Won the Karting “Alazard Trophy”.
1988 - Winner of the “Volant Avia La Châtre” scolarship.
1989 - French F3 (Daniel Gache Racing Dallara VW): 2nd in Class B.
1990 - French F3 (Graff Racing Ralt & Reynard VW): 5th, 3 wins. Won Monaco F3 GP (Daniel Gache Racing Dallara ALFA).
1991 - F3000 (DAMS Lola T91/50 Mugen Brown): 15th, 4 pts (3rd Spa)
1992 - F3000 (Pacific Racing Reynard 92D Mugen Brown): 13th, 3 pts (5th Nürburgring, 6th Spa)
1993 - French Touring Cars (ORECA BMW M3): 2nd, 4 wins. Italian Touring Cars (BMW 318): 17th (4th Vallelunga)
1994 - French Touring Cars (Peugeot Sport Peugeot 405 Mi16): Champion, 5 wins. F1 Test Driver for McLaren.
1995 - French Touring Cars (Peugeot Sport Peugeot 405 Mi16): 3rd, 1 win (Nogaro). F1 Test Driver for Jordan.
1996 - German Super Touring (Peugeot Sport Peugeot 406): 3rd, 422 pts, 3 wins (Assen, 2xZweibrücken). Won the Le Castellet round of the French Porsche Carrera Cup.
1997 - German Super Touring (Peugeot Sport Peugeot 406): Champion, 696 pts, 11 wins (2xHockenheim, 4xNürburgring, 2xWunstorf, Zweibrücken, 2xSalzburgring).
1998 - German Super Touring (Peugeot Sport Peugeot 406): 2nd, 592 pts, 6 wins (Norisring, Wunstorf, 2xSalzburgring, 2xOschersleben). Won Le Mans 24 Hrs (Porsche 911 GT1/98) with A.McNish & S.Ortelli.
1999 - British Touring Cars (Ray Mallock Nissan Primera): Champion, 244 pts, 10 wins (Silverstone, 3xThruxton, 2xBrands Hatch, 3xOulton Park, Knockhill). 4th Le Mans 24 Hours with Michele Alboreto and Rinaldo Copello (Audi Sport Joest Racing Audi R8R).
2000 - DTM (Abt Audi TT-R 2000): 16th, 14 pts (5th Oschersleben). 2nd Le Mans 24 Hours with A.McNish and S.Ortelli (Audi Sport Team Joest Audi R8R/2000).
2001 - DTM (Abt Sportsline Audi TT-R 2001): 5th, 75 pts, 4 wins (4xNürburgring). ALMS LMP900 (Audi Sport Team Joest Audi R8/2001): 22nd, 31 pts : 1 win (Sebring 12 Hours with Capello and Alboreto). 2nd Le Mans 24 Hours with Rinaldo Capello and Christian Pescatori (Audi Sport North America Audi R8/2001). 
2002 - DTM (Abt Sportsline Audi TT-R): Champion, 70 pts, 4 wins (Hockenheim short course, Zolder, Sachsenring, Norisring)
2003 - DTM (Abt Sportsline Audi TT-R): 6th, 41 pts
2004 - DTM (OPC Team Phoenix Opel Vectra GTS V8): 10th, 12 pts

Ainsley-Cowlishaw, Michael (GB)

b 1947 (Chesterfield)

Joined Benetton as a mechanic in 1980, becoming chief-mechanic in 1992. He joined Arrows in 2001 as Race Team Manager.

Airikkala, Pentti (FIN)

b 7/09/1945 (Helsinki)

Pentti Airikkala is probably one of the least known drivers to ever win a WRC event. Most of his career was spent in Great-Britain where he was a regular competitor in the national Rally Championship. His knowledge of the British roads enabled him to score an upset victory at the 1989 RAC Rally at the wheel of a factory Mitsubishi Galant VR4. Prior to that, he had been a factory driver for such diverse makes as Isuzu, Renault, Opel, Ford or Lancia. He his well remembered in Britain for his great performances at the wheel of the Vauxhall Dealer Team Chevettes at the end of the 1970s. Since retiring from the sport, Pentti runs a rallying racing school in England, appropriately named “Left Foot Braking”!

1965 - First rally on a Volvo PV544.
1973 - 3rd Arctic (Renault 12 Gordini). DNF 1000 Lakes (Opel Kadett Sedan).
1974 - 16th 1000 Lakes (Vauxhall Viva). 
1975 - 5th Arctic, 6th Hanki, 20th RAC (Vauxhall Magnum Coupé). Won Jim Clark Memorial Rally.
1976 - World Rally Championship (Ford Escort RS1800) : 2nd 1000 Lakes. RAC British Rally Championship (Ford Escort RS1600) : 2nd Welsh, 4th Scottish.
1977 - 2nd RAC British Rally Championship (Vauxhall Dealer Team Vauxhall Chevette 2300HS) : 2 wins (Welsh and Manx), 16th RAC.
1978 - World Rally Championship (Vauxhall Dealer Team Vauxhall Chevette 2300HS) : 3rd 1000 Lakes.
1979 - RAC British Open Rally Champion : 3 wins (Ulster, Scottish and Circuit of Ireland). World Rally Championship : 3rd Sweden, 7th RAC (Dealer Team Vauxhall Chevette 2300HS).
1980 - World Rally Championship (Vauxhall Dealer Team Vauxhall Chevette 2300HS) : 6th Sweden. Won televised Texaco Rallysprint. Hoped to do a complete European Championship season, but lack of money prevented him from doing so.
1981 - 9th World Rally Championship (Ford Escort RS2000) : 3rd Sweden, 4th RAC, 5th 1000 Lakes.
1982 - World Rally Championship (Mitsubishi Lancer 2000 Turbo) : 3rd 1000 Lakes.
1983 - World Rally Championship : 5th 1000 Lakes. British Rally Championship (Lancia Rally 037).
1984 - British Rally Championship. DNF 1000 Lakes (Nissan 240RS).
1985 - British Rally Championship. DNF RAC (Vauxhall Astra GTE).
1986 - British Rally Championship. 16th RAC (Vauxhall Astra GTE).
1987 - British Rally Championship (GM Dealer Sport Opel Manta 400) : 1 win (National Breakdown), 2nd Welsh, 5th Ulster.
1988 - World Rally Championship (Lancia Delta Integrale) : 4th RAC.
1989 - World Rally Championship: 1 win (RAC). 5th British Rally Championship with 86 pts (Mitusbishi Galant VR4).
1990 - World Rally Championship (Ford Sierra Cosworth 4x4) : 11th San Remo.
1998 - 5th of the Nikon Rallysprint at the Goodwood Festival of Speed (Daihatsu UK Ltd. Daihatsu Cuore Avanzato).

Aitken, Johnny (USA)

b ?/?/???? - d 8/12/1918

1910 - Indycar: Won Atlanta Race 4, Indianapolis Race 9
1916 - Indycar: Won Cincinatti, Indianapolis Race 2, Sheepshead Race 2 & 3. Won American GP.
1918 - Died of Influenza.

Aitken-Walker, Louise (GB)

b 21/1/60 (Duns, Scotland)

1979 - Winner of the Ford “Find A Lady Driver” competition. Her two brothers had entered Louise without her knowing – she won from 2000 other entrants.
1980 - National and regional rallies (Ford Escort).
1981 - 19th of her first RAC Rally.
1982 - Won Group 1 in the British Rally Championship
1983 - Won the Ladies Cup in the Monte Carlo Rally (Alfa-Romeo). British Rally Championship (Ford Escort) : 1 win (Peter Russek National Rally). Becomes the first woman to win a British National Rally. Selected by the RAC to be part of the British Junior Rally Team for 1984.
1984 - 3rd British National Rally Championship.
1985 - 3rd British Open Rally Championship (Peugeot). Won her class and the Ladies’ Cup in the RAC Rally.
1986 - 15th British Open Rally Championship (Nissan 240RS). Won the Ladies’ Cup in the RAC Rally.
1987 - Won her class in the British Open Rally Championship (Peugeot) : 5 class wins in 5 starts. “Autosport National Driver of the Year”.
1988 - 5th British Open Rally Championship (Peugeot) : 2nd Cartel International Rally.
1989 - FIA Ladies European Rally Champion. 2-litre class Champion in the British Open Rally Championship (GM Vauxhall Team). 5th RAC British Touring Cars (Vauxhall Astra GTE) with 72 pts : 2 class wins in Silverstone and Thruxton. Won the Ladies’ Cup in the RAC Rally.
1990 - FIA Ladies World Rally Champion (GM Eurosport) : 11th overall and the Monte Carmp and 4 Ladies Cup victories (Monte Carlo, New Zealand, Australia and Italy). Asia-Pacific Ladies Rally Champion. Luckily survived a terrible crash during the Portugal Rally. “Driver of the Year Award” by the Guild of Motoring Writers.
1991 - British Open Rally Championship (Ford Sapphire Cosworth Group A). 10th overall in the RAC Rally (won the Ladies Cup and was top British driver in the standings). “Jim Clark Trophy” for best performance by a Scot in motorsport. “Seagrave Trophy” for highest achievement by a British Subject in any form of transport.
1992 - British Open Rally Championship (Ford Sapphire Cosworth Group N). Awarded the MBE. Retired from the sport at the end of the season to have more time for her family. 
Became vice-president of the BWRDC (British Womens’ Racing Drivers Club).

Åkesson, Mats (S)

b 1963 - d 05/01/2003

Died on the Bergslagsrallyt when the Volvo driven by Lars Mårtensson went out of control and crashed out, hitting a tree with the roof first. The driver survived.

Akin, Bob (USA)

b 6/3/1936 (North Tarrytown, NY) - d 29/04/2002 (Atlanta)

1957 - Started drag racing
1959 - Switched to road racing.
1961 - Retired from racing to concentrate on business.
1973 - Started racing again.
1979 - Won Sebring 12 Hrs (Porsche 935) with R.McFarlin & R.Woods
1984 - Le Mans 24 Hrs: 4th
1986 - Won Sebring 12 Hrs (Porsche 962) with H-J.Stuck & J.Gartner. IMSA World Endurance Champion.
2002 - Was testing an ex-IMSA 1988 Nissan GTP-ZX Turbo at Road Atlanta when he was tapped in the right rear by another race car in Turn Four. He hit the wall driver's left, flipped up and over on fire, and into the trees. A couple of other racers stopped to help, pulling him out of the fire. He was airlifted to Grady Memorial Hospital after the accident, and appeared to improve before succumbing to his injuries late on Monday night.

Albacete, Antonio (E)

b 15/01/1965 (Madrid)

1980 - Spanish Karting Championship: 2nd.
1981 - Spanish Ford Fiesta's.
1982 - Spanish Ford Fiesta Champion.
1983 - EFDA F.Ford Euroseries (Reynard): 9th, 26 pts (2nd Zolder). Spanish Ford Fiesta's (Emilio de Villota Racing).
1986 - Spanish F.Ford Champion.
1987 - Spanish F.Ford Champion.
1988 - EFDA F.Opel Euroseries: 10th, 25 pts (4th Nürburgring, 5th Estoril)
1989 - British F3000 (Madgwick Reynard 88D Cosworth): 6th, 9 pts (4th Thruxton, Oulton Park and Snetterton).
1990 - Spanish Touring Car Class 2 Champion.
1991 - Spanish Touring Car Class 2 Champion.
1992 - Spanish Touring Car Class 2 Champion (Meycom FIAT Tipo 2.0).
1993 - Spanish Touring Cars (BMW M3): 2nd, 109 pts.
1994 - Spanish Touring Cars (Conrero Opel Vectra): 4th, 1 win.
1995 - Spanish Touring Cars (BMW): 4th.
1996 - Spanish Touring Cars (Alfa Romeo). 2nd Citroën ZX Supercup.
1997 - FIA European Super Trucks (MAN): 7th, 234 pts. Rookie of the Year.
1998 - FIA European Super Trucks (MAN): 6th, 251 pts, 1 win (Misano).
1999 - FIA European Super Trucks: 5th, 330 pts, 1 win (Dijon). 2nd Privateers Cup in the Spanish Touring Car (Meycom Alfa-Romeo 155). 56th Spanish GT with 15 pts and 22nd GT3 Class with 6 pts (Meycom Venturi 400 GT) : 8th Catalunya, 9th & 11th Valencia all with Ricardo Garcia Galiano.
2000 - FIA European Super Trucks (Equipo Cepsa MAN): 7th, 272 pts (4th Most, 3x5th)
2001 - FIA European Super Trucks A: 3rd, 228 pts, 1 win (Dijon).

Albuquerque, Felipe (E)

b 01/03/1985

1993 - Started karting
2002 - European ICA Kart Championship: 2nd. Italian ICA Kart Championship: 2nd.
2003 - World Formula A Kart Championship (CRG): 10th
2004 - European Karting Championship: 2nd. Italian Open Kart Championship: 1st.
2005 - German F.Renault: 3rd. F.Renault Eurocup: 5th. Spanish F3: 6th.
2006 - F.Renault Eurocup (Motopark Academy): Champion, 99 pts
2007 - Renault World Series (Epsilon Euskadi): 4th, 81 pts

Alderton, H.J. (GB)

b - d

Purchased Frazer-Nash in 1929, and drove their cars on rallies such as the Coupe des Glaciers, achieving penalty free runs in 1932, 1933 and 1934.

Alèn, Markku (SF)

b 15/02/1951 (Helsinki).

Legendary flying Finn Markku Alèn passed his driving licence at 18 in 1969. The following day, he finished second of his first ever Ice Race (his father was a regular competitor in this typical Scandinavian racing) and later in the year starts his first 1000 Lakes Rally on a Renault 8 Gordini. He continued racing in the popular Finnish Ice Racing Series in 1970, becoming National Champion.
After a great progression in rallies in private Volvos and Fords, Markku became a FIAT factory driver in 1974 and would remain with the Italian team for 15 full years, thus earning the reputation of being the most Latin of the Nordic drivers. In a 30+ year international career, Markku built one of the greatest records of rallying history. He started 129 WRC events, winning 20 of them and scoring 840 points. Despite this, he was never crowned World Champion. He did win the 1978 FIA Drivers Cup (forerunner to the Drivers World Chmpionship introduced in 1979) and can be considered as the main factor in Lancia’s 1983 World Manufacturers title against the mighty Audi team. He was in fact also World Champion for eleven days in 1986 after winning the Olympus Rally. But shortly after, the FISA decided that the points of the San Remo Rally (which Markku had won) would not be included into the WRC standings and handed the title to his arch-rival Juha Kankkunen. 
After this rather controversial episode, Markku remained three more years with Lancia, winning his last WRC event at the 1988 RAC Rally. He then drove selected rallies with Subaru and Toyota, also doing a lot of testing work for the two makes who used his skills to progressively become two of the most successful makes of the 1990s. A big crash at the 1993 1000 Lakes Rally finally decided him to stop competing on a regular basis in the WRC. Many were surprised when he then decided to try his hand at Touring Cars through the famous DTM / ITC series. But it must be remembered that during his Lancia years, Markku started a handful of World Sportscar events (notably at Le Mans in 1980) and twice won the Giro d’Italia. However, he could not benefit from a top-team car and had to be happy with Italian privateer Giani Giudici’s Alfa's. Results were predictably disappointing, and for the 1997-98 seasons he came back to his roots : Ice Racing via the French “Andros Trophy”. Now at the wheel of a factory Opel, Markku was one of the top performers of the series for two years, scoring several podium finishes.
After celebrating his 50th birthday in February 2001, Markku decided to compete one more time in his home event, the 1000 Lakes Rally (of which he is the best performer ever with 6 wins and 10 other podium finishes). At the wheel of a private Ford Focus WRC, the veteran driver finished a creditable 16th overall.

1971 - 3rd 1000 Lakes (Volvo 142).
1972 - 3rd 1000 Lakes (Volvo 142).
1973 - 2nd 1000 Lakes and Arctic (Volvo 142), 3rd RAC (Ford Escort RS1600).
1974 - 1st Welsh (Ford Escort RS1600) , 2nd Press On Regardless, 3rd 1000 Lakes and Portugal (FIAT Abarth 124 Rallye).
1975 - 1st Portugal , 2nd Yugoslavia , 3rd Monte Carlo, 6th Sweden (FIAT Abarth 124 Rallye).
1976 - 1st 1000 Lakes and Elba, 4th Tulip, 12th Morocco (FIAT Abarth 131 Rallye), 6th Monte Carlo (FIAT Abarth 124 Rallye).
1977 - 1st Portugal, 3rd New Zealand, 54th Monte Carlo (FIAT Abarth 131 Rallye).
1978 - FIA Rally Drivers Cup Champion : 3 wins (Portugal, 1000 Lakes and Sanremo), 2nd Acropolis and Québec, 3rd Sweden (all on FIAT Abarth 131 Rallye except San Remo on Lancia Stratos). Won the Giro d’Italia with Giorgio Pianta (Lancia Stratos).
1979 - 3rd World Rally Championship : 1 win (1000 Lakes), 3rd Monte Carlo and Safari, 4th Sweden, 6th San Remo (FIAT Abarth 131 Rallye), 5th RAC (Lancia Stratos). DNF Vallelunga 6 Hours with Giorgio Pianta (Lancia Corse Lancia Beta Montecarlo).
1980 - 6th World Rally Championship : 1 win (1000 Lakes), 2nd Portugal, 3rd Acropolis  (FIAT Abarth 131 Rallye). Won Giro d’Italia with Riccardo Patrese and DNF Le Mans 24 Hours with Pier-Carlo Ghinzani and Gian-Franco Brancatelli (Lancia Corse Lancia Beta Montecarlo).
1981 - 4th World Rally Championship : 1 win (Portugal), 2nd 1000 Lakes and Acropolis, 7th Monte Carlo, 9th San Remo (FIAT Abarth 131 Rallye).
1982 - World Rally Championship : 4th RAC ; 9th Tour de Corse (Lancia Corse Lancia Rally 037). Won Pace National Rally, the first win for the new Lancia Rally 037 Group B car.
1983 - 3rd World Rally Championship : 2 wins (Tour de Corse and San Remo), 2nd Monte Carlo and Acropolis, 3rd 1000 Lakes, 4th Portugal, 5th Argentina  (Lancia Rally 037).
1984 - 3rd World Rally Championship : 1 win (Tour de Corse), 2nd Portugal, New Zealand and 1000 Lakes, 3rd Acropolis, 4th Safari, 8th Monte Carlo (Lancia Rally 037).
1985 - 7th World Rally Championship : 2nd RAC (Lancia Delta S4), 3rd 1000 Lakes, 4th San Remo (Lancia Rally 037).
1986 - 2nd World Rally Championship : 2 wins (San Remo and Olympus), 2nd Sweden, New Zealand, Argentina and RAC, 3rd Safari and 1000 Lakes (Lancia Corse Lancia Delta S4).
1987 - 3rd World Rally Championship : 3 wins (Portugal, Acropolis and 1000 Lakes), 3rd Olympus, 5th Sweden and RAC (Lancia Corse Lancia Delta HF 4WD).
1988 - 2nd World Rally Championship : 3 wins (Sweden, 1000 Lakes and RAC), 4th Acropolis and San Remo, 6th Portugal (all in Lancia Corse Lancia Delta Integrale except Sweden on HF 4WD). Won Costa Smeralda Rally (Lancia Delta Integrale).
1989 - World Rally Championship (Lancia Corse Lancia Delta Integrale) : 2nd Portugal, 3rd Australia 
1990 - World Rally Championship (Prodrive Subaru Legacy 4WD Turbo) : 4th 1000 Lakes.
1991 - 7th World Rally Championship : 3rd Sweden, 4th New Zealand and Australia, 5th Portugal (Prodrive Subaru Legacy 4WD Turbo).
1992 - 5th World Rally Championship : 3rd 1000 Lakes, 4th Sweden, Portugal and RAC, 5th Safari (all on TTE Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD except Sweden on Celica GT4).
1993 - 11th World Rally Championship : 2nd Safari (TTE Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD), 4th Portugal (Prodrive Subaru Legacy 4WD Turbo).
1995 - 21st ITC (Giudici Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti) with 1 pt: 10th Helsinki. n/c DTM.
1996 – n/c DTM and ITC (Giudici Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti).
1997 – 6th French Ice Racing (SNBE Opel Tigra V6) with 563 pts : 3rd Isola 2000, won A2 Finals in Andorra and l’Alpe d’Huez. 11th Chamonix 24 Hours with Eric Hélary and Alain Cudini.
1998 - 4th French Ice Racing (SNBE Opel Tigra V6) with 557 pts : 2nd Isola 2000; 3rd l’Alpe d’Huez and Super Besse.
2001 - 16th 1000 Lakes Rally (Ford Focus WRC).

Aleshin, Mikhail (RUS)

b 22/05/1987 (Moscow)

1996-98 - Karting
1999 - Russian Kartin Championship: 1st. Moscow Karting Championship: 1st.
2000 - Russuan ICA-J Karting: 1st. Moscow ICA-J Karting: 1st.
2001 - Margutti ICA-J Karting Trophy: 10th. Viking ICA-J Karting Trophy: 3rd. Russian F1600.
2002 - ICA-J Karting Winter Cup: 5th.
2003 - German F.Renault (Lukoil Red Bull): 12th
2004 - German F.Renault (Lukoil Red Bull): 5th. Italian F.Renault Winter Trophy: 1st.
2005 - German F.Renault (Lukoil Red Bull): 2nd. Italian Open Masters Karting: Champion. A1GP (Team Russia): 15th & 17th at Estoril.
2006 - Renault World Series (Carlin): 11th.
2007 - GP2 (ART Grand Prix): 25th, 3 pts
2008 - Formula Renault 3.5 (Carlin Motorsport): 5th, 73 pts

Alexander, Blaise (USA)

b 26/03/1976 (State College, Pennsylvania) - d 04/10/2001 (Charlotte, North Carolina)

1992 - East Regional Series WKA Karting Champion
1996 - ARCA: 5th,  Rookie of the Year
1997 - ARCA. NASCAR Craftsman Trucks, NASCAR Busch Series
1998 - ARCA RE/MAX: 2 wins (Toledo Speedway, Pocono)
2000 - ARCA. NASCAR Busch Series (Team Sabco): 7th Atlanta
2001 - ARCA: 1 win (Michigan). Cut a tyre on the front bumper of Kerry Earnhardt's car when overtaking for the lead at Charlotte. Alexander's car then hit Earnhardt's again, before flipping over and hitting the wall at turn four. It slid back on to the infield, but he was pronounced dead from severe head injuries at 10:20pm ET.

Alexander-David, Iradj (CH)

b 17/09/1975 (Locarno)

Instructor at the CIGS (Centro Internazionale Guida Sicura) Driving School.

1994 - Karting.
1995 - Swiss, French and German F.Ford 1800 (Jenzer Motorsport).
1996 - Swiss F.Ford 1800 Champion : 5 wins (Lédenon, 2xHockenheim, Lignières, Le Mans Bugatti). 2nd European F.Ford 1800 : 2nd Brands Hatch. (Jenzer Motorsport Swift SC96Z). 
1997 - 3rd French F.Ford 1800 (Jenzer Motorsport) : 2 wins (Magny-Cours and Dijon). 2nd European F.Ford 1800.
1998 - 17th French F3 (Signature Compétition Dallara F396-FIAT Novamotor) with 6 pts : 9th Magny-Cours, 10th 2xNogaro, Magny-Cours, Charade and Val de Vienne.
1999 - Barber Dodge Pro Series : 2nd Cleveland and Detroit.
2000 - 4th French F.Renault (Jenzer Motorsport) : 1 win. EuroCup F.Renault (Jenzer Motorsport).
2001 - FIA GT World Championship : 14th & 7th N-GT Estoril 500km. 21st French GT with 82 pts : 9th Monza, 12th Monza, 13th Le Mans Bugatti (all with Peter Keutemann in JMB Compétition Ferrari 360 Modena).

Alguersuari, Jaime (E)

b 23/03/1990 (Barcelona)

2004 - Spanish Karting Champion
2005 - Spanish Karting Champion. Italian F.Junior 1600: 3rd
2006 - F.Renault Eurocup: 15th. Italian F.Renault: 10th. Italian F.Renault Winter Series: Champion, 4 wins
2007 - F.Renault Eurocup: 5th. Italian F.Renault: 2nd, 3 wins
2008 - British F3 (Carlin Motorsport Dallara-Mercedes Benz F308): Champion, 251 pts

Allam, Jeff (GB)

b 19/12/1954 (Epsom)

1983 - 3rd Le Mans 24 Hour
1984 - 12th Bathurst 1000 (1st in Class) (Rover Vitesse)
1986 - Won the Silverstone Tourist Trophy
1989 - 8th Bathurst 1000 (Ford Sierra RS500)
1990 - 2nd Bathurst 1000 (Ford Sierra RS500)
1992 - British Touring Cars (Vauxhall Cavalier): 4th
1993 - British Touring Cars (Vauxhall Cavalier): 9th. 11th Bathurst 1000 (BMW M3 Evolution)
1994 - British Touring Cars (Vauxhall Cavalier). 8th Bathurst 1000 (Ford Falcon)
1995 - Australian Supertouring (Ross Palmer Motorsport Ford Mondeo): 7th. British Touring Car Championship (Vauxhall Cavalier): 25th
1996-2000 - British Touring Car driving standards observer

Allen, Niel (AUS)


Retired at the end of the 1971 season, but came back to racing for the 1972 Surfers Paradise race. After a heavy crash during practice when the brakes failed on his STP Lola T300 Chevrolet, Neil ended up in hospital with a fractured ankle and other wounds. As of 2002 still holds the outright lap record of the Bathurst Mount Panaroma circuit, set at 2’09’’7 in 1970 with his F5000 McLaren Chevrolet.

1969 - Tasman Cup Series (F2 McLaren M4A Cosworth):10th, 3 pts (5th Lakeside and 6th Warwick Farm).
1970 - Tasman Cup Series (F5000 McLaren M10A Chevrolet): 7th, 12 pts, 1 win (Sandown Park) and 4th Warwick Farm.
1971 - Tasman Cup Series (F5000 McLaren M10B Chevrolet Bartz), 3rd, 27 pts, 2 wins (Pukekohe New Zealand GP and Teretonga).

Alley, Tom (USA)

b - d 1953

1914 - Indycar: 1 win (Minneapolis)
1917 - Indycar: 1 win (Chicago Race 4)

Allison, Bobby (USA)

b 3/12/1937 (Miami)

Father of Davey, brother of Donnie

1961 - Started stock car racing in NASCAR Grand National division, driving a Chevrolet for brother-in-law Ralph Stark at Daytona.
1966 - NASCAR: 1 win (Oxford Plains Speedway)
1967 - NASCAR (Holman-Moody Ford): drove last two races, won both
1971 - NASCAR (Holman-Moody): Won World 600
1978 - NASCAR (Bud Moore Ford): Won Daytona 500
1981 - NASCAR: Won World 600
1982 - NASCAR (DiGard Racing Buick): Won Daytona 500
1983 - NASCAR: Champion
1984 - NASCAR: Won World 600
1988 - NASCAR (Stavola Brothers Buick): Won Daytona 500. Crashed at Pocono, suffering severe injuries.
1992 - Lost son Clifford in August in a Busch Series practice accident.

Allison, Davey (USA)

b 25/2/1961 (Hollywood, Florida) - d 13/7/1993 (Talladega)

Son of Bobby

1993 - IROC: Champion. Died in a helicopter crash at Talladega.

Allison, Donnie (USA)

b 7/9/1939 (Miami)

Brother of Bobby

1970 - NASCAR: Won World 600

Allmendinger, Anthony James (USA)

b 1982 (San Jose, CA)

1987 - Raced BMX bicycles
2000 - Karts
2001 - Barber Dodge National Championship: 2nd. Raced 3 times in Barber Dodge Pro Series.
2002 - Barber Dodge Pro Series: Champion, 188 pts
2003 - Toyota Atlantic (RuSPORT): Champion, 210 pts
2004 - Champ Cars (RuSPORT Lola B2/00): 6th, 229 pts
2006 - Champ Cars (RuSPORT Lola B2/00 / Forsythe Racing Lola B2/00): 3rd, 285 pts, 5 wins (Portland, Cleveland, Toronto, Denver, Road America). Switched teams mid-season, and missed last two races after signing for a NASCAR team for 2007.

Almeras, Philippe (F)


2001 - French F.Renault: 3rd, 114 pts

Alzen, Uwe (D)

b 18/8/1967 (Kirchen)

1993 - Won Spa 24 Hrs
2000 - German Touring Car Masters (Holzer Opel Astra V8 Coupe): 6th, 100 pts.
2001 - DTM (Warsteiner AMG Mercedes CLK): 2nd, 101 pts
2002 - DTM (Team AMG Mercedes CLK 2002): 5th, 24 pts
2005 - Porsche Supercup (Konrad Motorsport-PZ Bielefeld): 10th, 87 pts

Alzenberger, Tobias (D)


2000 - German F.Konig: 3rd, 140 pts

Ambrose, Marcos (AUS)

b 1/9/1976 (Launceston)

2003 - Australian V8 Supercars (Ford Falcon BA): Champion, 2085 pts
2005 - Australian V8 Supercars (Pirtek Racing Ford Falcon BA): 3rd, 1856 pts

Ambrose, John Anthony "Tony" (GB)

b 12/08/1933 (Chipping Norton) - d 05/01/2008 (Newbury)

1964 - Won Liege-Sofia-Liege Rally (Austin-Healey 3000) with Rauno Aaltonen.

Ambrosio, Jerome D' (F)


2007 - International Formula Masters (Cram Competition): Champion, 100 pts
2008 - GP2 (DAMS): 11th, 21 pts

Amick, George (USA)

b 24/10/1924 (Vernonia, Oregon) - 9/4/1959 (Daytona)

1946 - Begins racing career with cinder track racing
1955 - AAA, 10 races, 9th overall, 750 pts
1956 - USAC,  9 races, 2 wins (Langhorne & Phoenix), 4th overall, 1050 pts
1957 - USAC, 13 races, 1 win (Atlanta), 3rd overall, 1400 pts
1958 - USAC, 12 races, 2nd overall, 1640 pts
1959 - USAC, 1 race, 35th overall, 120 pts. 

Amick, Richard "Red" (USA)

b 19/01/1929 (Kansas City, Missouri)

1956 - Champion in cinder track racing
1958 - USAC, 1 race, 0 pts
1959 - USAC, 2 races, 0 pts
1960 - USAC, 2 races, 30th overall, 100 pts

Ammermuller, Michael (D)


2006 - GP2 (Arden International): 11th, 25 pts, 1 win (R2 Valencia)
2007 - GP2 (ART Grand Prix): 27th, 1 pt
2008 - International Formula Master (Iris Project/Trident Racing): 3rd, 74 pts

Amorim, Ni (P)

b 1/3/1962 (Porto)

1993 - Portuguese Touring Cars: Champion
2000 - Spanish GTs (Porsche 911 GT2): J6th, 139 pts.

"Amphicar" (I)


1976 - Won Targa Florio

Anderson, Gary (GB)

b 03/03/1951 (Coleraine, NI)

1970 - Begins to work as a mechanic in Brands Hatch
1972-1976 - Works in Brabham team as a mechanic and designer; founds Anson racing team for participaton in Formula Libre and competes for it
1976 - Quits Brabham for working in Anson
1977 - Returns to F1 because of financial troubles with Anson; works as a chief mechanic in McLaren
1979 - Transfers to Ensign
1980 - Relaunches Anson for F3 and F.Super Vee, but  faces problems with money again
1985 - Chief engineer of Indycar Galles team
1988 - Technical director of Bromley Motorsport team (F3000), modified Reynard chassis being used by the team
1989-1990 - Works for Reynard as a designer of F3000 chassis
1990 -Designs the first Jordan F1 car
1992 - Becomes a technical director of Jordan
1998 - Quits Jordan and transfers to Stewart
2000 - Ousted from Jaguar
2001 - Returns to Jordan

Anderson, Gil (USA)


1913 - Indycar: Won Elgin Race 2
1915 - Indycar: Won Elgin Race 2 & Sheepshead Race 1

Andersson, Gunnar (S)

b 1927 (Ragard)

1961 - Won Mille Miglia

Andersson, Leo (S)


1983 - Swedish F3 Champion

Andersson, Ove (S)

b 03/01/1938 - d 11/06/2008

1971 - Won Monte Carlo Rally (Alpine-Renault A110), with D.Stone.
2002 - Team principle of Toyota F1 on their debut
2008 - Killed when competing on the Milligan Vintage Trial in South Africa - he was involved in a head-on collision after taking a blind bend.

Andersson, Per-Gunnar "Peggan" (S)

b 15/8/1957 (Falkenberg)

1987 - Swedish Touring Car Champion
1989 - Swedish Touring Car Champion
1991 - Swedish Touring Car Champion
1992 - Swedish Touring Car Champion
1993 - Nordic Touring Car Champion

Andres, Emil (USA)

b 22/7/1911 (Chicago)

1948 - Indycar: 1 win (Milwaukee Race 1)

Andretti, Adam (USA)


2000 - US F3 (Dallara-VW F300): 3rd, 129 pts

Andretti, John (USA)

b 12/3/1963 (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)

Nephew of Mario, cousin of Michael and Jeff, son of Aldo and god-son of AJ Foyt.

1972 - Karts
1989 - Won Daytona 24 Hrs (Porsche 962), with D.Bell & R.Wollek.
1991 - Indycar: 1 win (Surfers Paradise)
1993 - NASCAR: 4 races
1994 - NASCAR
1995 - NASCAR: 1 top 5 finish
1996 - NASCAR
1997 - NASCAR: 1 win
1998 - NASCAR: 3 top 5 finishes
1999 - NASCAR: 1 win
2000 - NASCAR: 23rd, 3169 pts

Andretti, Marco (USA)

b 13/3/1987 (Nazareth)

1997 - Karting
1999 - Won Kart Challenge Series
2000 - Oakland Valley Track Championship
2001 - Oakland Valley Track Championship
2003 - Skip Barber Formula Dodge Eastern Series: Champion, 8 wins
2004 - Skip Barber Formula Dodge Southern Series: Champion, 11 wins
2005 - Formula Star Mazda Championship: 5th. Infiniti Pro Series (Andretti Green Racing): 10th, 250 pts, 6 races.
2006 - IRL (Andretti Green Racing Dallara-Honda): 7th, 325 pts, 1 win (Sears Point). Tested for Honda F1 team.
2007 - IRL (Andretti Green Racing Dallara-Honda): 11th, 350 pts
2008 - IndyCar Series (Andretti Green Racing Dallara-Honda): 7th, 363 pts

Andrews, Keith (USA)

b 15/6/1920 (Denver) - d 15/5/1957 (Indianapolis)

1954 - Indycar: 1 win (Pikes Peak)
1957 - Died in practice at Indianapolis.

Andrey, Gaston (CH)

b 8/8/1926

1966 - TransAm: Champion, with H.Kwech

Andruet, Jean-Claude (F)

b 13/8/1942 (Montreuil)

1977 - Won Spa 24 Hrs (BMW 530i), with E.Joosen

Angelelli, Massimiliano "Max" (I)

b 15/12/1966 (Bologna)

1992 - Italian F3: Champion
1995 - German F3: 3rd, 140 points.
2002 - American Le Mans Series (Cadillac Northstar LMP02): 11th
2004 - Grand-Am (SunTrust Racing Riley-Pontiac MkXI): 4th, 329 pts
2005 - Grand-Am (SunTrust Racing Riley-Pontiac MkXI): won Daytona 24 Hrs, with W.Taylor & E.Collard.

Angus, Michael (USA)


1985 - North American (Eastern) Formula Atlantic Champion

Antinucci, Richard (USA)

b 26/1/1981 (Rome, USA)

Nephew of Eddie Cheever

2001 - British F.Renault (Manor Motorsport): 2nd, 334 pts
2002 - British F3 (Manor Motorsport Dallara-Mugen Honda F302): 10th, 89 pts. Macau F3 GP (Promatecme Dallara-Mugen Honda F302): retired. Korea F3 Super Prix (Promatecme): 7th.
2003 - Korea F3 Super Prix (Hitech Racing Dallara-Renault F302): 1st. British F3 (Carlin Motorsport & Promatecme Dallara-Mugen Honda F302): 4th, 125.5 pts
2004 - Japanese F3 (Woodone Dallara-TOM's F304): 4th, 161 pts. Macau Grand Prix (TOM's Dallara-Toyota F304): 9th.
2006 - F3 Euroseries (HBR Motorsport Dallara-Mercedes F305): 5th, 38 pts. Macau F3 GP (ASM Dallara-Mercedes F306): 2nd.
2008 - IndyLights (Sam Schmidt Motorsports): 2nd, 478 pts

"Apache" (I)


1977 - Won Targa Florio (Chevron) with R.Restivo

Ara, Seiji (J)

b 1974

2000 - All-Japan F3 (Dallara-Mugen Honda F300): 3rd, 30 pts
2004 - Le Mans Endurance Series (Team Goh Audi R8): J5th, 27 pts

Araï, Toshiro (J)

b 25/12/1966 (Gunmaken)

Started skiing, but crashed a lot......

1987 - First rally.
1992 - All-Japan Rally Class B Champion (Isuzu Gemini): 338 pts, 2 wins.
1995 - All-Japan Rally Class C (Subaru Impreza): 3rd, 275 pts, 2x2nd.
1996 - All-Japan Rally Class C (Subaru Impreza): 3rd, 290 pts, 1 win.
1997 - All-Japan Rally Class 1 Champion (Subaru Impreza): 470 pts, 4 wins. First WRC start at the Rally Australia (Subaru Impreza GrN): 4th in Group N.
1998 - World Rally Championship (Allstars Subaru Impreza WRX GrN): 19th overall & 4th Gr.N in New Zealand.
1999 - World Rally Championship (Allstars Subaru Impreza WRC): 9th Acropolis, 16th Tour de Corse, 21st Catalunya; (Allstars Subaru Impreza WRX Gr.N) 7th overall  & 1st Gr.N China, 8th overall & 1st Gr.N Australia, 13th overall & 4th  Gr.N New Zealand. 4th FIA Asia-Pacific Rally with 19 pts (2nd China). 3rd FIA Group N Asia-Pacific Rally Cup with 18 pts : 1st China, 4th New Zealand.
2000 - 13th World Rally Championship with 4 pts / Winner of the FIA Rally Team’s Cup (Spike Subaru Impreza WRC) with 42 pts / 9th FIA Rally Group N Championship with 6 pts : 4th Acropolis, 6th Safari, 9th Cyprus, 16th Catalunya ; 3 Team’s Cup wins (Safari, Acropolis and Cyprus); 13th & 2nd GrN Australia (Spike Subaru Impreza WRX GrN). 
2001 - 18th World Rally Championship (Prodrive Subaru Impreza S44) with 3 pts : 4th Cyprus, 8th Argentina, 10th RAC, 14th New Zealand.

Arcangeli, Luigi (I)

b 5/1902 (Forli) - d 23/5/1931 (Monza)

Started racing bicycles and motorbikes. 

1924 - First race in an Amilcar
1928 - Raced a 2-litre Bugatti and a sports Itala.
1929 - Joined Scuderia Materassi, driving a 1.5 litre Talbot Darracq. Won the Circuit of Cremona.
1930 - Joined Maserati. Won the Rome GP (Maserati 26M). Also drove a sports Alfa Romeo 1850.
1931 - Died practicing for the Italian GP in an Alfa Romeo Tipo A, leaving the circuit at the Curva del Vialone and hitting a tree. 

Armagnac, Paul (F)

b 1914 (Nogaro) - d 20/10/1962 (Linas)

1954 - Won Tourist Trophy (DB-Panhard) with G.Laureau

Armi, Frank (USA)

b 12/10/1918 (Portland, Oregon) - d 28/11/1992 (Hanford, California)

1950 - AAA, 0 pts
1951 - AAA, 3 races, 51st overall, 10 pts
1952 - AAA, 3 races, 38th overall, 50 pts
1954 - AAA, 2 races, 0 pts

Armindo, Nicolas (F)

b 8/3/1982 (Colmar)

2001 - French F.Renault Campus: J3rd, 162 pts

Arnold, Billy (USA)

b 1906 - d 10/11/1976

1930 - Indycar: Champion, 3 wins (Indianapolis 500, Altoona Race 1 & 2).

Arnold, Charles (USA)


1909 - Indycar: 1 win (Portland Race 2)

Artzet, Didier (F)

b 10/2/1963 (Nice)

1987 - Won Monaco F3 GP
1990 - F3000 (Reynard-Cosworth 90D): 15th, 4 pts (3rd Birmingham Superprix)

Arundel, Henry (GB)

b 03/12/1987 (London)

2006 - UK F.BMW: 9th. Rookie of the Year.
2007 - UK F.BMW: 3rd, 595 pts

Asaro, Billy (CDN)

b 9/12/1980 (Toronto)

2001 - US F2000: 2nd, 218 pts
2002 - British F3 Scholarship Class (Sweeney Racing Dallara-Mugen Honda F300): 3rd, 215 pts, 3 class wins

Ascari, Antonio (I)

b 15/9/1888 (Moratica di Bonferraro, Sorga) - d 26/7/1925 (Montlhéry)

Father of Alberto Ascari.

1924 - Won the Italian GP
1925 - Won the Belgian GP. Killed in French GP.

Ascari Jr, Antonio "Tonino" (I)

b 1942

Son of Alberto Ascari and Maria Antonietta Tavola.

Went to Coventry in 1960, working for Jaguar. He returned to Milan where he got a job with Villoresi's Innocenti-Mini Agency, before becoming involved with the construction of Formula Junior cars for Stanguellini and Foglietti. On reaching the age of 21, he inherited a sum of money from his deceased Grandmother, and he used this to drive in Formula Junior at Monza on the 29th August, later attending the Vallelunga race school. Guested in the 1964 Agentine Temporada series, sitting in a Maserati driven by Fangio and Jose Froilan Gonzales. On 15th April 1964, it was announced that Ascari Jr would race for two years for Scuderia Madunina, driving a Foglietti-Holbay F3, and he became "Overall Champion of Italy". He soon gave up racing, succumbing to pressure from his mother who didn't want him to race, and pressure from a sponsor who wanted to exploit his name.

Asch, Roland (D)

b 12/10/1950 (Los Gatos, USA)

2001 - German V8-Stars: J2nd, 203 pts
2002 - German V8-Stars: 5th, 238 pts

Aslund, Peter (S)

b 22/11/1967 (Karlstad)

1992 - Nordic F3: Champion. Swedish F3: Champion.

Asmer, Marco (EST)

b 30/7/1984 (Tallinn)

2003 - Formula Ford Festival (Team JLR Van Diemen RF03): 2nd
2005 - British F3 (Hitech Racing Dallara-Mugen Honda F305): 4th, 163 pts
2006 - British F3 (Hitech Racing Dallara-Mugen Honda F307): Champion, 293 pts

Atkins, Dick (USA)


1966 - Indycar (Watson-Offenhauser): 1 win (Sacramento).

Auinger, Bernhard (D)

b 21/02/1982 (Salzburg, A)

2000 - German F.Konig: 1st, 176 pts
2002 - German F3 (BSR Dallara-Opel F302): 8th, 27 pts. Korea F3 Super Prix (Carlin.Kolles Dallara-Mugen Honda F302): 13th.
2004 - EuroF3000 (EuroNova Racing): 5th, 26 pts

Auriol, Didier (F)

b 18/8/1958 (Montpellier)

Made his WRC debut in 1984. Drove for the works Toyota team in 1999, co-driven by Denis Giraudet, finishing 3rd (52 pts), winning the Chinese rally. 
1994 - World Rally Champion (Toyota Celica GT-4)
2001 - WRC (Peugeot 206 WRC): 7th, 23 pts.
2003 - World Rally Championship (Skoda Fabia RS): 13th, 4 pts

Austin, Rob (GB)

b 1981

1994 - Started karting.
1997 - Formula 600: 3rd
1998 - F.Renault
1999 - F.Renault (Manor Motorsport): 2nd
2000 - Involved in a road accident, so barely raced.
2001 - British F3 (Menu Motorsport)
2002 - British F3 (Menu Motorsport Dallara-Opel F302): 9th, 94 pts
2003 - British F3 (Menu Motorsport Dallara-Opel F302): 7th, 110 pts
2004 - Macau Grand Prix (Menu Motorsport Dallara-Opel F302): 7th.

Ayari, Soheil (F)

b 5/4/1970 (Aix-les-Bains)

1987 - Karts
1992 - Won Volante Maxauto scholarship, 2nd in Volante Elf Scholarship
1993 - F.Ford (Works Mygale), 6th, 1 win. F.Ford Eurocup, 9th. Won French Volant Maxauto trophy at Montlhéry.
1994 - F.Ford (Graff Racing Van Diemen), Champion, 4 wins, 10 starts
1995 - French F3, 6th, 1 win. Swapped to Graff Racing mid-season
1996 - French F3 (Graff Racing), champion, 11 wins, 14 starts. 4th in Macau F3 GP.
1997 - F3000 (Astromega): 8th, 1 win (Helsinki). Won Macau F3 GP.
1998 - F3000 (Durango): 5th, 1 win (A1-Ring)
1999 - F3000 (ORECA): 7th (2nd A1-Ring)
2000 - F3000 (WRT), 24th, 1 pt. Was due to race in Indylights with Brian Stewart Racing, but withdrew from series without racing.
2002 - French Supertourisme (Solution F Peugeot 406): Champion, 150 pts
2004 - Le Mans Endurance Series. French Supertouring (Pescarolo Sport Peugeot 406 Coupé): Champion, 225 pts

Ayulo, Manuel "Manny" (USA)

b 20/10/1921 (Los Angeles) - d 16/5/1955 (Indianapolis)

1948 - AAA, 1 race, 34th overall, 100 pts
1949 - AAA, 1 race, 0 pts
1950 - AAA, 2 races, 0 pts
1951 - AAA, 12 races, 8th overall, 997.5 pts
1952 - AAA, 12 races, 19th overall, 320 pts
1953 - AAA, 11 races, 4th overall, 960 pts
1954 - AAA (Kuzma-Offenhauser): 2 wins (Darlington, Milwaukee Race 2). 2nd overall, 1290 pts
1955 - Killed in practice for Indy 500.