By Darren Galpin

Race Date Event Headline
October 15thInterviewWhy Renault Quit F1, and Dimples on F1 cars
October 13thJapanese GPHill does it in style
October 5thCastle Combe Finals DayCastle Combe Finals Day
September 29Commentary & NewsHill in shock move to Arrows
September 22ndPortuguese GPIt goes down to the wire
September 8thItalian GPSchumacher achieves the Italian Dream
August 26thCastle Combe RacesCastle Combe Race Day
August 25thBelgian GPThe horse prances at last
August 11thHungarian GPWilliams domination rubs salt in Ferrari reliability wound
July 28thGerman GPHill banishes those Hockenheim Blues
July 14thBritish GPMechanical Mayhem Allows Villeneuve Revenge
July 7ITC - DiepholzThe Champion Wins At Last
June 30French GPSchumacher Warm-Up Drama Sets Hill Fow Win
June 23ITC - NorisringOpel Domination As Ludwig Wins
June 23German F3German F3 - Norisring
June 16Canadian GPHill Rehabilitation Sets Championship Course
June 9 Porsche Carrera Cup Porsche Carrera Cup Helsinki
June 9 ITC ITC Helsinki
June 2 Spanish GP Spanish Grand Prix
May 29 ITC Nannini In First Double Win Of Season
May 19 Monaco GP Panis Wins Through Chaos on Merit
May 11 & 12 German Formula 3 Championship, Rounds 4 & 5 Nurburgring
May 12 Porsche Carrera Cup, Nurburgring Kelleners Wins Again
May 12 ITC Nurburgring Opels Rule the Roost (Race 2)
Van Ommen keeps control for first win this season (Race 1)
May 11 & 12 F3000 Nurburgring
May 5 San Marino GP A Race Of Strategy - Hill wins
May 5 British Formula 3 Montoya wins a demolition derby
May 4 Dunlop Rover Turbo Cup Dean stays clear of the scrapping hordes
April 28 German Formula 3 Championship, Round 2 Nurburgring
April 28 British Formula 3, Round 3 Davies wins again after red flags brought out
April 28 Dunlop Rover Turbo Cup Cotterill wins
April 28 European GP Villeneuve Wins, Hill loses
April 14 Porsche Carrera Cup Kelleners takes easy Carrera win
April 10 German F3 Trulli Trounces Field
No DateITCITC Rules, Regs, Procedures & Cars Explained